September 26th, 2004

Painting toes

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If LJ Was a High School by Karen_Walker
Lunch Ladyanima_mecanique
Head Cheerleadertamakun
Prom Queengeraniumred
Gang Memberrykuth
Band Geekbadron11
Theatre Geekthechicrepublic
Chess Club Captainsociokath
Loner Goth Kidtsukichan
Class Clownhimoki
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GOO KIT! !!! I always thought you would be a Quarterback! ROFL
Lut , wow, who knew you were the Loner Goth Kid. The truth be told. hehe
Class Clown Ell, I never knew you had it in you.
Chess Club Captain Katha---- hahahahaha <3
Rykuth a Gang Member I would have never thought!

j/k lol it is funny!!
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Painting toes

^_^ La lA la LA

WOW!!! Two hours to go!! Only tWo!!!! *Jumps up and down!!

It’s Nichi-yoobi (Sunday), the day before Getsu-yoobi (Monday). HAHA ^_^

Okies, I’m back to normal now. ^_^ Last night, I watched Hale Nochi Guu deluxe. I was a lot of fun!! I would have to say! It is a bit crazy, but I love it! ^_^ For once, I’m actually not that bored at the lab!! Waii waii!! ^_^ I just wanted to post. I would have to say for someone who uses her computer so much I think I’m serving very well with out it! (Steals Rachel’s and Laura’s computer) haha!
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