September 28th, 2004

Painting toes

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You're a Summer. You're just a ball of energy that
is constantly going on and on!! You're kinda
like the energizer bunny. lol. But your
probably really athletic and even if you're
not, you'd be good in sports because of all
your energy. You're enthusiastic about
everything you do and find it hard not to be
happy. You're usually pretty optimistic but can
be realistic when needed. You always hope for
the best to turn out and many times they do.
Sometimes though, you let your temper get the
best of you but you apologize as soon as you
can because you hate people being angry with
you. You're friends love how active you are and
you make them feel like they can do anything
crazy if they want to.

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My Birthday is in the Summer!! ^_^

Raym was in the The Antioch Record, the school news paper! Hehe , It is really great! KAtha you did a great Job!!! *two thumbs up* My day has been, ok. Yesterday, I broke down over a paper, but I'm a okies now and did do my paper it is very bad and is not very long. *sighs* I wish i was better at writing papers. I have a lot of home work to night. There is the math work that needs to be done, study for Japanese, and 4 pages of journal work do for my Antioch 1011 class! ICKIE!! Oh well, it's not that hard they're really boring and wont read it all that much anyways.

The weather is so nice here! Oh I love it! the trees are just this Autumn color! *hangs her lags out the window* lalala ^_^
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