September 29th, 2004

Painting toes


I can't seam to get what we are studying in Math, I suck at the English language, and Japanese language!!! >.< I love Japanese! I just can't seam to feed it unto my head. I want it to retain it... This is just not my week. I have manage to have about 4 emotional brake downs this week and it is only Wednesday!!!!!! That leaves about 6 more brake downs this week if I continue on this evil pattern. The world hated me. *sighs* To add to this miss, I started to cry in Japanese class again, so feeling emotionaly unstable I didn't go to Antioch 101 or my Ballet class. I'm such a bad student. I'm going to fail my class... I need to do landry. I'm almost all out. ugh...

Why is it that almost guy friend I get for whatever reason refuses to just be friends. I'm a playful person to everyone!!

OMG!!!!! My darn CD player just died and now there is about one hour left!!! This day just keeps getting better and better.... -.-
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    not working CD player or I would have music!!