December 22nd, 2004

Painting toes

It's to early... >.

The Update!

The night before last, Tiffany dragged me to her works overly boreding Christmas party. It was so bad. I just sat there and was left with acquired silences. Oh lucky me!

Today, I find out around 2 that the WSM Christmas party is ummm... Tomorrow!!!!!!!! I had nothing done. No shopping, nothing!!! I ended up braking down in to tears.(mainly because I had not eaten in over 24 hours) Then my mom help me put something together so ya ... They are not very good gifts... Last min. >.< OMG, OMG!! >.< I'm just going to apologize ahead of time.


I’m going to go to bed and finish later! In about 3 hours might help! Still so much to do! >.<

Apologetic and uncertain, you fear the things you
don't understand. You need someone to love you,
someone for you to cling to, and, when the
world turns to hell, someone to guard with all
your strength. You are Chise.

Which Saishu Heiki Kanojo (Saikano) Character Are You?
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Painting toes


It is a beautiful day!!!

It is not to cold or to hot! The Skys are just a light blue with fluffing white clouds!!!

<3 <3 I love this weather!
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