July 9th, 2005

Bankyo (Yukino)

ELL just does not Beliave me..

Having 7 chapters to go is far better then having 100!!

Ok, the real reason I am posting. It is raining very nicely out my window. It is a bit sad because going to a Temple is hard in the rain. I will just have to move it all forward on top of me. AHHH. Well, you know what week it is because everyone is crazy, snappy, defensive, and STRESSES OUT. I think I'm at the state of ummmm.... HUNGRY!! Were to eat? I'm not sure because I don't like eating alone at a restraint; plus, I don't have an umbrella. I guess I will get to work. I have quite a lot of it. Hashanah.

*the rain POORS*
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