December 23rd, 2005

Painting toes


WEll, as one can see I'm up rather early ageinst my well... and what is bad enough is i don't just have to deal with taking Darrell to work, but now this really annoying and scary person he calles a 'friend' is coming too. Gosh!! Luckly my front door it not working. I really for this time only want to have one of thoughs plastic things put in between the front and back seat. plus it does not help that i'm sooooo sleepppppppppp. *sleeps on the keyboard* I'm really very mad/angry that i have to take this peaple any were, but i'm to sleepy to exert such energy losses that would take to acataly do anything. I guess... I have to be going. riching frachied wewr[JGNONWGgwgePNHewgweBREHGBArgwgPNFPFGNAPgwegewnriwgogrghowg!!
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♡ Game Emulater ♡

SOOO cool! I have been playing Ranma 1/2 and Sailor moon games among many others on my computer it's soo cool! I found a game that really reminds me of ELLL it is called The Violinist Of Hamelin and you fight with music notes and stuff. There are so many!!
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