February 20th, 2006

Angery (Yukino)

whyy... ;.;

Why are there fricken people that don't respect others!!! HUH!!!!!! Better yet WAHT FUCKEN happened to LOOKING Before you put Durty Dog infested, walked on, rather gross from things i care not to think about In with MY washed clean untanked EVER by thoughs things cloths that were in the wash waiting to be put in the Driyer!!!!!! I would never do that to any one else. Why the hell did mike have to do it to me. No my burrerry favorite scarff is now missed up... it is all fraed. It should never be washed twices in a row an expeally never on Any thing but Delicont mode! Witch it was not the second time. HE JUST FUCKING THOUGH the cloths in the hallway on my cloths without even taking them out. Then what is even worst of all is that i can't Do a DAME THING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!! My mom told me not to start anything. Oh like it WAS MY FALT!!!!!!!!!! He started it not me. I ALLLLLLLWAYSSSSS put his cloth in the wash and then fold them if i need to take them out of the dryer. WHAT IS FUCKING HARD OR EVEN BETTER YET LEAVE IT FUCKING BE!!!!! With a note on my door remove your cloths and but that load in there Please thanks!!!! WHAT IS THAT BE ON HIS FUCKING INTELLIGENCE. I know it is very low in this family but GOSH!!! GET IT CAN'T be THAT LOW!!! I HAD IT UP TO MY VERY TOPPPP SKY LIMITS WITH THIS FUCKING PLACE!!!!! IT IS JUST OK TO RUN PEOPLE OVER AND DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT !!!! I don't think sooooooooo. I'm not my MOTHER! She can be used as a door mat and take it if she wants but don't force me to! I hate this I hate IT SOOOOO MUCH, I could just scream!!!!! I'm sooo sick and tried of doing what i can and not geting any respeact or any thing out of it. I don't want to be here any more. I don't want to be any were. I can't go to the bathroom or take a bath with out having to clean it before hand. Using dishes I have to check them before hand to make sure they are safe to use. Can't walk around bear feeted b/c you never know what happed or spilt on the floor. You can't sit on the left couch, the smeel would be all over you and your cloths and is not easy to get out. There is ways yelling of someking or Barcking now that there are 4 fricken dogs, Ya, Four! There is also Four Fricken vickals I think 2 is enough for one house hold! Maybe 3 so darrel can get his smeely ass can live in that. IT doesn't help that the one thing that my mom did as like of a gradited thing I accedently lost down the sink... i did not mean to.. i feel soooo awwful she probley thinks i did it on perpace, sence I complanted about geting them.
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Depressed/Ansty (Tohru)


Me in less words then i could say...

"Her dreams she can't find
She's losing her mind
She's falling behind
She cant find her place
She's losing her faith
She's falling from grace
She's all over the place"

p.s.I went to Epcot today or raher yester day. it was so much fun. Thank you all! Sorry about everything..
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