March 31st, 2006

Fun painting (Hiyono)

hehe! this week is over!!

My teeth doc. gives the grandfatherly vib. LOL He said I take great care of my mouth! hahaha! hehe! I keep it bruched lol! ^^' GOOONG is a great show!!! I finely got to see 15-17!! so cute!!!! I want to see 18 but my Download has been resticted for so long!!! *waills* Not fair. I'll just wait! lol, all the time in the world. But it is probaly for the best, seance after 18 I have to wait longer for the rast! There is just 24 episiods then waiting for the next season!! ^-^ aww I can't wait! Soo cute! I guess I can clean my room in the time being. Though it does not sound very want able lol! ^^
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