April 6th, 2006

AHHH/Stressed (Haine)

What Time is it!!


HAHAHAHA!! It never gets old!

Well, I have been folding and putting cloths up for a MILLLLON hours it seems. >.< I played Kingdom Hearts 2 for about Haft of the day! LOL

OMG!!! You guys!! I was downloading some music videos and folding cloths and I though the cord to my mouse was hitting my leg! I move the cord and it was still there I move out for the table and then this Giant Cockroach came charging at me full force!!! It was sooo awwful! I chucked my shoe at it and then vacuumed it up. I though it was all over then went to continue what I was doing and then another one was running at me!! >.< IT is an alll Ickie attack on me!!! I'm afraid to sleep!! I can't vacuum them up in my sleep! SAVE MEE!! *.*
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