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manybe is should go read..

well, it looks like i can make it to the x-mas party no matter what date it is..
waht the Helllllll!!!!!!!!!! he is such a dumbass. it is over i never want to see him ever again. never..ever... ever... *burst in to tears* What did i do if he did not want to see me then All he had to do was say aomething!! for starters " i don't want to see you " would that be do F*cking hard!! All i wanted to do was see him. that was it... I guess that it is to much to ask.
me: umm i was wondering about next weekend?
him: what bout it?
me: can i come and see you?
him: Sure! but how are you plaining to get here.
me: i was thing about flying
him: (fogot what he said) something about it can't be done plane tickets in 3 or 5 days. and at x-mas. time is going to be really expincive..
why didn't he aske me this the 1st time i asked about coming to see him. huh? is that to much. what the Hell! he he does not like me he should just say somehting.I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i got on and asked him id he liked me and he said "Yes!". then he said what he walys say you do yo ask aquestuiod like tha. And i repayed m/c i want to know. I'm sposvaly the only one that bothers him about not talking that much any more. Why don't he understand that i miss him. is that so wrong of me. i miss the sound of his voice and the way his demple sow when he smile. even if he walys has a solom look on his face. his lovely ocean blue eyes looking at you. aww i really miss him. It is like he is not even here. Maybe he is not. many be something happoned and he lost himself. When he hugs you it is so warm and full of love. but hay all of the memorys i have are over a year ago, so maybe alot can chance... he did say that he would be on tomaarrow and if i want to talk dome more that we could talk then he would be around. maybe i need some sleep i should be going is it really late.


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