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The sunshines? o.o are you sure!

Ah, you want to know my evens of this weekend! Eh, Events of my weekend! Lets see... I talked on the phone to Billy like all weekend off and on. That was Super great. Did alot of Nexus hunting Billy got to wasabi. Plains alot of killing of warriors because of there killing habits. ^_^ Talked to RACHELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! She is a beast of a millon colors *huggles* Missed Having RAymya around! Last I hear/read she was having a baby! 0.0 ya, what a shock, who could have never known.*tisk-tisk* I played .hack Infection got kind of far too! I realy think it is cool. ,hack maked me want to play Ragnarock Online. It reminds me of that I lot! hehe Oh ya on nexus, if you get this candy canes you can get a pop up and it will ask for youe wish. I got a candy cane. After many tummyaces, It gave me the wish pop up, and I wished for angel karma. I hope that I get it. It would be so great. After it is all over some peaple will get there wish and others wont. Only time can tell. Kit is trying for the Druids as a sub path I hope she gets it. That would be cool . I can be like look I know a Druid! :P One day i will be a druid just not to day. I think maybe i ave to much patience and a peaceful manner. It is funny how most introverts become extroverts in games and I do the reveral. I'm an extrovert and i'm introverted on nexus. ^_^; Anywayz, I made some new icons. That is about it. ^o^ *yawns* I guess i'm going to go to bed. JA~


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Dec. 30th, 2003 10:33 am (UTC)
I am not pregnant. ^_^; You've been misinformed. *dies* Anyway, i'm back! Talk to ya later~!
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