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Last night was a jaming NEW YEARS EVE at Michele's house!! It was that happing place to be.lol Well, it is great Jen is back for the weekend! Waii waii. It is really nice to hear from her!! She leaves for Iraq in Feb. -.- for a whole eight months. I am goting to try and convence her to get a LJ!! *hops up and down* LJ, LJ, hehehe OH YA! Now, don't be jealous! I got Milk Crown lovers vol4. *dances* It is a sad thing b/c it is a new year,so I have to take down my Super cool Spiral Calinder! I really love that Calinder, too!! THIS IS MY 1ST POST OF THE NEW YEAR!!!! :P
I forgot to tell you all about the spooky drive to Katy's house last night! Okies, me, L, and katty were heading down that long road to her house when we incounters a problem on the road, no it was not Zombie that we were heading towards, it was a BIG HUG cloud that had come to eat us all! Trying very hard to drive though with out getind swalled in the mist. All we had was are not so helping high beams to help. We ran in to at least 3 or 4 of this Big Hug could things befor we got to Katies house!! What a battle!


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