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Can you beleave this my walls are white! When there is noting up it looks like a white room! lol. Anyways, I have been okies, trying to move and what not. I really might drop my english class and take a nother class b/c I'm dieing -.- I have another jopurnal entry do for class. I just got finshed with the first one. Ugh... You know what i have discovered. I'm a pack rat(well, really a pig). I have so much stuff that I don't need. *sighs* Keeps it all anywayz. ~Math: you have Homework. You should start now~ ~English: That journal will not do its self, you know!~ Blocks them all out! ~Dance: you should E-mail your teacher~ HAHAHAHAHa Starts to clean :P

You are Lilia!
You are Lilia.

Which Galerians Character Are You...
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What wings are you?
Colorful Wings

What Kind of Wings are You?
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I am Judgement

Judgement can be a reminder that judgments are necessary; sometimes you must decide. At such moments, it is best to consider the matter carefully and then commit yourself without censure. If you are being judged yourself, learn from the process. Take what is of value, correct what needs correcting, but never lose sight of your worth.

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Compassion: You are there to share your sympathy
with others. People would consider you
affectionate and caring, and someone to look up

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best? (You may find out your best trait)
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Painting toes