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internet crash back posts

Jan 5, 2004
Well, I have nothing better to do then write a post in word pad. Why you may ask. There are many answers to that. First of all, I have no internet something happened and it is not working today and mostly wont be working tomarrow (killes herself). Secondly, I rebouted my computer fogeting to get my word from L-chan (that is my mistack). ugh., so now all i have is note pad and word pad. Good programs don't get me wrong, but they are not very good with spell check.(Do they even have spell check..) I'm not really even sure if redoing my computer was smart! Some how i mange to have less space then I had before. I can't get Ragnarock online because i have no clue what a d3d is. I can't ask billy. Manybe i should have asked last night but he was hunting and I was mad (at him). Well, he got his house (150k ;.;). What am I kiding myself. He does not need to bother with me. I bet he wont even call to see what happened to me or were i have been. I is ok. maybe everyone is right i should just forget about him... It is really hard. I don't expect anyone else to understand, and know one does, but I gues the right thing is always the hardiest. *sighs* I gathered up the couger to call Antioch today, and all that they could say was that it was going though the secound review tomarrow! Don't they understand that it is not that hard to go 'No, you can't come to school here' or 'Yes, the info will be to you shortly'. I just need to know by tomarrow, so I can sign up for class at Santa Fe. I don't want to get a job, and I might have to get a job even with school if I stay here. I'm ready to ecept that if that is my destany for now. I just really fell troubled. I hope Rach is doing better then she was earlier today -.-. Rachellliwwieee *hugs* </ Jan 6, 2004 No internet yet again for another day. Well, I found out that i'm going to just worry less about it and go to Antioch in the fall... *sighs* Now i have to regester for classes and I hope that I can take a couple of classes this semester -.- Everything will work out. I just have to have faith in it all! ^_^ I'm use to set backs; I can learn to handle it all! I can, I can! I BELEAVE IN FAIRYS!!!! I DO, I DO!!! </lj-cut>


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