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what have this pepale come to...

Oh lovely today.! not.. I did badly on my Dance test... After Math i was doing my normal wait 15 min to get to the interstate, but today it took 45 mins, and when, I got to were you would get on to the interstate you couldn't becouse it was blocked off. I had to drive around in no mans land tring to find something i could remember to find my way home. What are the crazy peaple doing working on that brige in the Middle of the DAY!! Oh ya, I also had to get robbie from school to day becouse my dad had a doc. appointment and need the car. Well, that dumb light they just added to the mall ya helpfull, NOT!!. It took so long to get to his school and it was before the times when school zone was even in. It was at normal speed. -.-

I keep feeling like and over and over all day.


Painting toes