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♥♥ Ureshii desu ♥♥

What a wonderful day to fallow a not so good one. For starters, the weather is wonderful. The wind is blowing nicely and there is just the right amount of heat from the sun. ^-^ We should all go and have a picnic!!

I had a math test today, and I am in totally confident that I did well on my math quiz today. I did not go and wait to get on to the interstate. I drove home the long way, but now it is way faster. Oh well, one day they will get that bridge finished.

Yesterday out of pure boredom, I was looking around on the Live Journal data base and stumbled upon a Saikano Live Journal community. It was really cool. I'm kind of sad to hear that Saikano is getting released. Back to the topic, after class today I went and checked what was up on LJ and to see if anyone had posted any new entries, and on the _saikano_ community friend's list tamakun posted in his lj "Kawaiidori (that's me) made a post in the _saikano_ Community, and I adored her icon... turns out she's got TONS of awesomely cute pics, including a couple of SaiKano, FuruBa, and Haibane Renmei icons. Awwwww! ^_^" *heart* I was totally flattered that he likes my icons. -^.^-

♥♥ *Dances around* ♥♥


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Feb. 5th, 2004 09:25 pm (UTC)
Sad that Saikano is being released? Why is that?

Er, uh, sorry if I seem too nosy, but I've gotten in the habit of keeping up with _saikano_'s friends list. Hope I'm not bothering you '¬_¬

Oh, and BTW I love the background for this page. Wee, feathers :P
Feb. 6th, 2004 12:53 pm (UTC)
Oh, well... Not many anime fans know of Saikano, so I feel the ones that do know about it really appreciate it. I'm just mainly worried that the rabid Fan girls/boys are going to do to it. It's just something that happens to things released in America. I mean don't get me wrong I kind of like being able to get it at a local store. I should at least be glad it is not getting put on TV.

Hehe, Your not being to nosy. Feel free to comment on anything. ^_^

Thanks! I like feathers, too. The are very soft and pretty ^.^
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