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this week is dubed 'the week of test'

Why? Because I have a dance test Monday, a 5 chapter math test, and them a math quiz on friday! Ugh... Now I just have to right my paper on the dance performances me and kit just went to called DreamCacher. (though I'm not sure there were going for the native American one.) It was highly interesting, but i wanted to play on it too! ^-^ hehe It was a bunch of Dances with this Jungle gem looking 'DreamCacher' thing.

My weekend was like many other weekends, but I got to hang out with Rachel!!! She always wins when it comes to ruff housing! I come in second and that is ok because "1st the worst, 2ed the best" :P I also have been on nexus a lot.

This is SOOOOOOO evil! Billy well be leaving again!! Sometime around the end of April. He will be back about one in a haft to two months. That is not even the worst thing! He wont be in NC in MAY!!! ;.; All my dreams are broke...

That Is my life... off to studied!


Painting toes