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hahaha a restfull sleep!

Not going to happen.

See, see what happens when someone crazy thought of having Daylight savings time! It's more like lest see of we can make you late to class and shock you out of sleep. My alarm went off and I rolled over and turned it off saying think I had another hour, but actually had only 30 min! Got up running about like a chicken with it's head cut off. Ran to get kit up and was informed that it was 6:30 not 7:30am like I had thought. Just all around confused, I looked at the cable box just to make sure. Kit it really is 7:30. We get some what dressed and run out and what is there to greet us. Nothing but an Icy blast! I think I did realy well on my Dance test regardless, but *wines*. I can't get back to sleep.

Me want sleep!!! _._ *rolls over* -.-


Painting toes