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the weather >.

Yesterday was so nice it was hot with a cold blowing wind. I thought that today was going to be the same, but I was so wrong. It is cold almost as cold as if it was winter.*shivers*

Speaking of yesterday, Laura was playing Starsky and Hutch PS2 game. It was kind of fun. You have to shot at the car and the lights and you could run over things. hehe. The voices and they looked so dumb and I though the really people could not get any dumber looking.

Sleeppppp -.-ZzzzZZzzz. I want to go back to bed. There is not enough time to sleep in one day. It's all because of this stupid math quiz today. I did not get my Homework finished. I'm not really sure on how to do the last problem. heheh ^.^'' I will ask before the quiz. I have a pretty good grip on how to do every kind of problem. ^-^ Studing..... 0.0 no sleep for E!!!. I think i might go play some DDR and eat before class! ♡


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