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Andre Watts

Around 7:30 today, Rach, Laura, Rach's Mom, Michele, and me when to see this Pianist at the Phillips Center! I kind of did not want to go, but I said I that would so I went. It was really good! He was wonderful. He had such emotion when he played. It was almost like he was not playing, but he was the music. It just flew from his finger tips. WOW it was great. hehe ^-^ I did not even get sleepy listening to him play. It was like his inspirations and passion was passed to you though music notes. It was truely something to remember. Thanks Raym!!! Oh ya, I did count the squares behind him on the wall and there was 64. ^-^ hehe I kind of want a CD of his. ^_^ Oh, It made me happy *bounces* and really inspired! hehe.


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