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Carrots! Let me tell you the sound of carrots crunching kind of sound like Ice crunching on the phone. Billy Love carrots... (ickie) He has been eating them on the phone for the like past 2 day. Lol, how can people eat them. They're orange, crunchy, durting, and ORANGE!!!

Anyways, I just got finished watching Saikano with Raym! Ya!! Finally one of my friends see what I'm obsessed with, hehe! It really was not as bad as I though it would be, but I still have/will not watch it dub!! Scary!!

It's Tuesday! *bounces* Two more days!! Just Two! ♡_♡ I get to go to NC!! That is were Billy is!! ♡ Practically, a year and haft of waiting !! Yatta!!!!!♡

I Passed All my classes for spring semester!! *dances* Even Math!! That sate exit had nothing on me. hehehe ♡

Very uneventful!!


Painting toes