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Stake and Item box all for Lut!

She-who-should-not-be-named (looks at lut) is obsessed with David Soul in all forms, so as a result me and Kit watched Salem's Lot. It stared David Soul, with a fold over and a beer belly. Okies, I though I would make a summary for you all. Salem's lot... David (never really found out his name) was a book writer returning, to his childhood home town. He meet a girl and they fall for each other. The town was taken over by Vampires very, very slowly...*7 hours pass* The Girl runs in to the evil Vampires house gets tooken over. David and random kid come and kill the head Vampires. David apologized to the the girl for leaving her in the house as he burns it and runs off with the boy how he now called Item box and the boy called him stake. The End!

IM conversations while making this:
KIT: item box ;p
Kit: I want to die
Me: your the vampier
Me: okies.
Kit: lol
Kit: noooooooooooo *hiss*
Me: o_|_____ <-- kit
Kit: ahhhhhhh!
Me: hehe
Me: you know you love it
Kit: don't unnerve me with your laughter

Me: would you like some Stake.. how do you want it perpared... hammers medium or hammered well done
Lut: EMMALY!!!!!!!!!!!
Lut: WTF

Sometimes seeing a bad movie can be a dangerous thing for the mind.


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Jun. 7th, 2004 01:06 am (UTC)
There was no beer belly! Just a weird angle and cloth creased! Some people!!! HONESTLY!
Other than that, Your Summary was pretty accurate!! He did indeed apologize to his burning girlfriend as he ran for his own life.
hmmmmmmmm, It makes you want to see the second one!
Jun. 7th, 2004 01:09 am (UTC)
There most surtanly was a Beer belly!!!

What!!! There's a Second one!! @-@

*runs for the hills*

RAYM!!!!!!!!!! *bounces on her*
Jun. 7th, 2004 06:00 am (UTC)
That's so funny XD
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