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C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me!
C is for the only thing good in the Caf!
C is for Computer!
C is for Clever!
C is for CD!
C is for E!

I love rain! The way it sounds hitting the roof of the house or my umbrella...
Now, cold on the other hand is not my friend! *shivers*

C * R = Unhappy E
- * + = -E

Oki's, no more math... ^_^ I am so behind in my classes expressly in Writing. I cannot seam to think of an idea to write an argument paper on. I am not a person who argues. I also have to do this revision on a bad paper that I had written. I am just so tried... I could sleep for several hours.
My mom said she sent a package with stuff to fix my computer, and she said I would be here some time around Monday or Tuesday! I do not know what to do if I should get the Fall brake off or not! -.-

Yes!!! About 30 more min. until I get off work. I am so hungry! I want to go asleep but I cannot. I have to go and get this work done. I think it would be nice to watch a movie too maybe, I will watch The Prince and I!

let's see:
your name 
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do you drink? 
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your favourite activity 
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you wish you were Less lazy
you hope To get dressed and out of the couch before the shops close
people think you are Always thinking of the same
intelligent people though, think you are Exceptional
but, really, you're just A good hearted thing
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Hehe! <3

Which Sifl & Olly Show Character Are You?
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Chester. lol

What happens when you try to be Japanese? by hideto
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"freezing yourself to death in a meatlocker"
HAHA!! More Like Freezing yourself to death in Ohio!!!

Well, I will try to Update again later. This is the 1st time in a week or so that LJ updates have worked in the computer lab! ^_^


Painting toes