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~rant of a little kid~

I want My Computer!!!!!! _._ There is some girl on my computer, and I want to use that one. Everything I ever need to do is on the computer!!

*puts her name all over it* HAHAHAHA!!!!

~plains~ I know! (Idea forms)
*puts a sign up*------------[this computer is broke Don't use]------(Emmaly's)

I like 'my' computers b/c:
1.) The mouse on 'my' computer is really small and easy to use.
2.) My IMs are only on that computer. Only computer with yahoo!
3.) The keyboard and screan are clean!! I cleaned them! The othercomputers are so gross.
4.) Me and the computer just click!! I don't expect you to understand. *pouts*

Do Shite!!!!!! WhY!! wont she leave!!!

Donogurai!!!! How long do I have to suffer!

How did they get in any how. I'm so tried of the lab being opened when it is my time, and I did not open it!! Is it some kind of liability!!! @.@

I want to sit on my computer!!!!!

NOW! NOW! NOW! *crosses arms*

(Idea # 2)
'the lab is closing in 3 min, sorry' , hahaha, i.e. Get off my computer!!
--she is moving could it be. Darn! I want her off! OFF I tell you !!! Shew, person, shew!

_._ misable!! Unhappy!!


Painting toes