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*puts hair out*

Well, I was thining this CD things would be easy to do. That is not true. My math one is really long an boring. The mans voice on the CD is really annoying. No one is on or they are not talking on line, so I'm siting here bored with this mans bad voice and the radio in the backround. This math is not that hard to do, it is just the same thing over and over. Anyways, thanks to Laura I have my English done ^^ yeppie! ^^ THANKS LAURA!!!!!!!<3 I guess it is back to the boring math. *sighs* The man's voice make me want to shave my ears of and pull out all of my hair. I do think that he has a crush on some girl named Lisa b/c all of the problems have to do with this girl lisa or it can be more then one girl named lisa. He could be a Lisa crazied fan guy. o.0;;; *makes weird faces at the computer*


Painting toes