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Things have to be difficult...why.

Do people have type of homing devise that the sense when they are being put in to the back of another’s mind, so they feel the need to remind them of what your missing. It is like being on a torturing device.
I got an e-mail yesterday from Billy witch was wonderful to hear that he is ok. Then when I feeling rather down today he IM’s me, we were talking and I guess his connection died b/c he just stop talking to me. I really hate that. I had just got in to the mode of not thinking about him. No one understands why I miss him; I don’t expect anyone to understand. I can’t help it. I wish he was not in the military. Then he can be with me. If we both keep on the paths we are now we will not be together. I know this but I can’t let go. I just hope that maybe it will work out.


Painting toes