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Update ^^

I have not posted in sometime...between feeling ickie and just not wanted to post. I'm posting now that is all that really matter anyways. Everything it pretty much the same as it always is. I have Math and English homework to do to day and finish the WSM web page. If any one wants the URL here it is : http://www.geocities.com/wsmweb2003/main.html I should have most of it up latter on today.I am going to do my Homework right now so that I can spend the rest of the night working on it. ^^ All that is really left is just some easy graphics and linking things, oh ya and text. lol ^^
Okies I was meaning to post this earier last week put never did. Rachel and I was having a chat. This chat was like no other. How you maybe asking yourself. Well, I was tring to convince her that she was obsessed with Milk Crown and Rachel was tring to convince me that I was obsessed with Fujimi Orchesta. It is funny how we could twist what each other was saying to are likings. In joy reading:
Me: you love Milk Crown Don't you .
Me: just as i thought .
Me: tisk tisk
Me: why didn't you tell me.!

Rachel: I dunno! I think it was because I was too busy obsessing over Fujimi Orchestra to think about Milk Crown.
Rachel: Silly me.

Me: nono. you just said you were up obsessing over Fujimi Orchestra as like a cover so that i would not find that it was really milk crown. ^^

Rachel: Yeah, well. Milk Crown's characters are just so lovable, you know? Like the tall, dominating conductor and the cute yet resistant concertmaster with large glasses and an irritable glare. KAWAII!

Me: lol. you mean. Tall dorm headmaster and the cute yet happy dorm maid with large aporn and an indicriable bad habits, KAWAII!!
Me: you also for got about there loving but hard relationship.
Me: lol ^^

Rachel: Oh no, I remember the loving but hard relationship between the two boys and their lovely and musical romance that goes on as they take care of the tallented amature orchestra ^__^

Me: Yes Yamato and Nagi have a musical romance that goes on as they take care of their very poplare band. ^^
Me: <3

Rachel: I distinctly remember their names being Kei and Yuki. My goodness Emmaly, don't you even remember the main character's names of your favorite show? tsk tsk.

Me: lol. Yamato and Nagi are not the main peaple. the main peaple are Jin and Oto. But you can call then what ever you want. You must have changed there names because you did not know their real names. *pats on the top of her head* it s ok. now you know them. The two Guys are Yamato and Nagi and the main couple in Jin and Oto. ^^ I'm glad i could help you understand the truth. ^^
Fujimi Orchestra: Ohhh you mean Kawashima and Yuki. Why're they your favorite couple?? You silly person. You don't even know that their relationship is doomed to failure. *Shakes head*
Me: rofl

Rachel: You're a strange one. And the two guys in the band in the background aren't named Yamato and Yagi, their names are Igarashi and Ida. ^_^'

Me: tisk tisk. you are so wrong it hurts . have you heard any thing i have been saying. *sighs* i will just leave you with you idealist way of how Milk Crown works

Rachel: My version is more ideal, isn't it? ^_^

Me: no, not really i tend to like mine much better and seeing that mine is the truth. It is already better

Rachel: You don't think I could be thinking of a completely different show from Milk Crown do you? Maybe something like...with the word 'Orchestra' in the title?

Me: lol no way how could any one think of anything other then Milk Crown
Me: Milk Crown Orchestra?

Rachel: LOL!
Rachel: Yeah, that must be the one. But since it's a different season, there is actually a completely different cast of characters and a whole new story line. Havn't you heard? It's now about, what I was saying earlier, a conductor and a concert master.
Fujimi Orchestra: But it is true, I can't think of anything but those two lovely guys and their musical carriers ^_^

Me: lol.
Me: i agree yamato and nagi's wonderful carrier is important but Jin and Oto's romantic love story is much more intresting ^.~

Rachel: I'm telling you, you can like Kawashima and Yuki as a couple all you want, but that's just not the way the story goes. You see, Kawashima, or "Oto" as you're calling her, is misinformed and thinks that "Jin" is gay, and then she tells this guy named Tonoin that he has a chance with "Jin"
Fujimi Orchestra: And then Tonoin and "Jin" end up having a really tough time, and a rocky start, but end up falling in true love ^^

Me: nono! Jin has allways loved Oto ever sence he found her tring to eat a live Shark. Then he Keep the shark and named her Lady. He became Head in the Zclass dorms and Oto became there maid. It was off to a rocky start because one Jin had a betroved and you are not alowed to date in your same dormatory. But in the end they ended up together and it is the purist True Love ever.

Rachel: Yes, you're right. Although you've got the story a little mixed up. "Jin" has always loved "Oto" this is true, a pure and cute love, but ultimately "Oto" didn't love "Jin" back.
Rachel: But it didn't matter because "Jin" found true love with Tonoin. ^^

Me: Right, you are now geting it but you have added somethings that are not true. Like this Tonoin charictor. You are calling Ukyow, Tonoin. Ukyaw does like Jin, but he more respects him then anything. Ukyaw knows jins love for Oto. Oto did not like Jin tomuch as a kid but after she got put in Zclasses dorm things all changed.

Rachel: Yes yes, he respects him very much, I know, but the thing is...he doesn't respect him enough to not rape him. You know? I know you tend to be in denial when it comes to the sex involved in your favorite shows, but I think we all remember that one particularly nosebleedish scene between "Jin" and "Ukyaw"...

Me: that never happened.

Rachel: See what I'm dsaying about denial? Now, the rocky starting started there. ^_^ But this "Oto" girl encourages their love, and helps out to get them together
Rachel: Then they finally get along and live happily ever after.
Rachel: ^^

Me: See Ukyaw would never rap jin. There was NO sex/nosebleedish scene in Milk Crown. I think you are reading a Dodinjie. I told you not to mix up realy and fan made facts. All that will do is make you very confused.
Me: Well at least we are on the same page about everyone geting along and living happily ever after

Rachel: lol, now now. Don't leave out the backbone to the plot line.

Me: What are you talking about only hunmans have backbones.

Rachel: Yes. Remember when Yuki, I mean "Jin" hurt his when he ran out of "Ukyaw's" mansion and fell down a flight of stairs?

Me: no! I do remember that jin kind of pushed Oto off the top of Ryuu Palace (Zclass dormatoys in called that) And they fell in to the pool with Ojyo(shark). Jin did use Ukyow for bait , so that Oto coould get out of the pool.
Me: but that is really how it goes
Me: silly fans turning such a cute sceen
Me: *chaning such a cute sceen in to some one falling down stars
Me: ^.~

Rachel: Whoa, Emmaly, I'm the one with weird doujin? It's a serious show! "Jin" would never use "Ukyaw" for bait! Oh! But, "Ukyaw" does get "Oto" to convince "Jin" to give his heart to "Ukyaw". Your scanlations are really twisting the plot around there. Are you sure you're getting this from a reliable source?

Me: yes. it is a very reliable source. and it is Me that is how reliable it is. Now This show is Serious and can be funny at times, not to mentionit is a romanic. The Question is that you sources has got some things wrong and missing.

Rachel: No, because you see, my sourse is also me. It's me because, as it turns out, aside from you, I'm the only fan of it on the internet so I do all the translating myself. And...as much as I hate to point this out...I think I know a little more Japanese then you do. I mean, I hate to ruin your Milk Crown fantasy, but...this is the way things are...

Me: how can you translate it when you don't have the manga.! huh. I may not know japanese. but i can read the pictues and get around about what they are doing ^^

Rachel: How can you have the manga when there is no manga? It's a novel series! That's what I'm telling you! Your "Manga" ie Doujinshi are twisting this story around in a very unnatural way.

Me: No I have the manga. There is 2 volumes of Milk Crown, 5 volumes of Milk Crown H! (there is also at the end of volume 5 of H! is two chapter of Milk Crawn New) and so far 3 volumes of Milk Crown Lovers and it is all manga Not Doujishi as you would like to call it. there is no novel series to Milk crown that i know of.. so there. ^^
Me: :-P

Rachel: Emmaly you said it yourself - Milk Crown Orchestra. And you don't have it because it's a 27 volume novel series that I have.
Rachel: Silly

Me: i'm sorry NO!

Rachel: lol, then clearly I have not spent any time at all thinking of Milk Crown, but instead thinking of and obsessing over the most lovely and delectable Fujimi Block No. 2 Symphony Orchestra ^_^

Me: i'm not going to argue with you about your obsesson with Milk Crown "Fijimi Orchestra" any more. my hands have typed themselfs to pieces. ^^.

(Sorry, for all the typos)

I hope you read all about it. ^^ lol. I think that is all I have to say right now ^^
Off to do Homework and Eat supper. ^^


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