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Joyful Journy!

Your friendly E reporting strait from Kyoto, Japan. I have arrived at the place will call 1/2 home for about three months! -^.^- Genki!

this is a small want to be post from the air!

April 25, 2005.
The fight. This is the beginning of what seams to be a nice trip. Laura, Rachel and I arrived in Orlando airport at a much latter hour then planned because the Florida turnpike seem to be taken a turn for the not so good. The roads were all messed up. We almost got lose, but luckily we got there safe and sound. I hope my mom there got back home ok. We spent the night in the Hyatt hotel in the airport. It was a really early fight. The check points were not that bad. We got too all the plains with just in enough time to eat and get lots of sweets. Speaking of sweets pulls some out. Yummy!!! I’m currently writing on the plain to Japan. My battery was not fully charged so I’m now running low. >.< Oh my oh me. This plain flight was good so far and we re a little over have way. I got two seats to my self. YAHOOOO! Lol! Well I will check in latter!! JA~

Japan is the place for you. Skyscrapers, flashing
lights, loud noises and really REALLY cute
things are what you like. Here, have some RICE!

Would you survive in Japan?
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That is good to know!


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Apr. 27th, 2005 12:41 pm (UTC)
Hmm, did you say anything about this before? Cause if you did I completely missed it, or forgot, or something, whatever, that's cool.

Anyway, Kyoto rocks (seeing as how I'm an expert on this, having spent one day there nearly 10 years ago :P) it's definitely my favorite Japanese city. But yeah, I'm going to be there for April through July next year, maybe longer depending on how things go.

Anyway, have fun (though I'm sure you will)
Apr. 27th, 2005 06:37 pm (UTC)
Wow! Have a GREAT time out there! Let us know all about it! :D
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