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Very emotional, irrational, and unstable.

I want things to being normal. I want to eat macaroni and cheese. I want to be able to talk to people. I want to set in my room and that be ok. Not have to worry your not going to have time to do everything you want to before you have to leave. I hate having to take eight hundred million years to get somewhere that serves extremely fat redden food. I like doing the same thing for the mot part. I want hugs once in awhile. I don’t want any more fighting. I hate the fact that I have a group project presentation on Monday and no one knows what anyone else is doing or anything. I hate that I bring everybody’s day down. I hate feeling like my turf is being over run. I'll be replaced. I’m so very frustrated. I have no outlet. I miss ballet class, my Playstation2, the violin, talking, hugs. I want to be some were wear it is clean and does not look like a trash can. I want to have time to curl my hair with out the worry that I’m slowing everyone down, they are waiting. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I want to go to class and the instructions are not in another language. I want to learn Japanese, but will just have to face that I won’t. I’m all most 22 and have no direction at all. I though maybe ranting at my jounal would help but it doesn't...I think… I’ll go to sleep…


Painting toes