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Happy, happy

I can’t believe it’s... no, I’m not going to say “butter”, but that it’s two thirdly in the morning. I have leaded a rather boring and uneventful day. I have to say I like it that way sometimes. I got up around one in the afternoon to the stirring of my two friendly roommates! Then in a very lazy way I laid around on my bed doing just about nothing. I did that for about three or four hours. Oh the happiness. I’m not sure but sometime around five-forty or sic o clock, we go up and went to First Kitchen, is a Japanese fast food place. I love their potato (French fries). They have seasoning put on them. Oh, there Caesar salad is also really nice. I guess I was just in the mood for it. I got some of my independent study reading done on the train. I’m still really behind in my work… Opps. Hehehe ^-^ I will get it all done. I have to get reading the Tale of Genji. It is so big. Well, I need to get to bed even though I am felling really creative!!! I made three icons today and fix one of them. I also organized the files on Aioyume (computer). Oh, next is to clean my room… when I get up that is!!!!


Painting toes