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The Tale of Genji Day

Can I tell you how cool the Tale of Genji is! I don't think so But I can Try!! It all involves today’s trip with Sensei (Harold). After a rather interesting history class, I asked Sensei when he had time to show me the The Tale of Genji museum and the Byodoin museum (a building from the Heian period) in Uji. He said “how about around 1:15 today”, so wit nothing to do and Rach and Lut having projects and tutoring. Sensei and I went to Uji. It was about an hour or so from Kyoto Saikadon Mai train station. Uji is very beautiful city around the Uji River were Chapter 10 was to have taken place if the story was real. It is the home of Ukifune. The lovers Ukifune and Prince Niou set off on a small boat across the Uji River together. There are two very nice statues on either side of the bridges; one is of Ukifune and Prince Niou and the other in of Murasaki Shikibu. Murasaki was said to have finished writing the Tale in tat very city. It was a very cool place. ^^ After, we were done traveling around we went to this Sushi place and I got kappa-maki (cucumber rolls) *heart* with out wasabi! Waii Waii! *bounces up and down*

It was a wonderful day!! ^-^ Now I just have to shower and study for Haruna-san/sensei’s vocab review test for class tomorrow. Icky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs to the shower* I have a lot of studying to DOoooooo! ^-^

I hope you all have a great day!! ^-^

This is the Byodoin Temple- a Heian Temple. It's layout is that of a Phoenix! ^^

Murasaki Shikibu and Ukifune & Prince Niou in a boat.

A reproduce scene were Kaoru see the sisters playing their music.



Painting toes