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Paper, Paper due. Oh my Oh me.

*Runs around the room*

AHHHHHHH Paper do in about 9 hours. I know that I could get off really easly by turning it in any time before I leave. OMG!!! I Love it here. I want more time I tell you. Japan!!! I can’t beleave that it is almost over and I will be returning home to the states. On the much brighter side, there will not be too much of a problem of were to eat. WOOT! ^^

A night or two ago, I went karyoking with Kit, Mat, Lut, and ELL! ^^ It was lots of fun Lut, ELL, and I should have been working but It was so worth it. ^^

Today, Kit and I went together to the Costume Museum. We though it woulbe cool to were the cute school uniforms, so we did. It was not to bad there were the ‘oh looks’. Kit fell in front of a group of school boys and they were like ‘you ok” she replied quickly “I’m fime”. She fell really cutely it was like a cat. KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The boys were kind of mocking in playful way. Lol. Well, it was a long trip and the Costume Museum was closet until October. Ickie.

Wel, back to my paper. ^^


Painting toes