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~.~ Sleep? Yes Please!

I'm dieing from major Jet lag! Monday, I tried to stay up until a decent hour. I crashed around um... 7 or 8 pm and got up at like 7, but around 6pm to night I could not make it any older and just fell asleep on my floor I woke up around midnight and have not been able to get back to sleep even though I feel sleepy!!

I have to register for classes but I can't find any classes I want to take. Well, actually I fond some but they were not offered and the one that was a Block class. Stressful! Oh, Lut, can you call me when you get a chance to talk about the english class. Sorry about earlier.

I have been trying very hard to get my room clean, but I have too much stuff.

I want to do so much stuff but I get sleepy in the middle.

It was so much easier to get in too Japanese time then it is to go back.


Painting toes