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If someone jumped off a brige would you...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. astrology:
    Astrology is very intersting to think about. How that plants can effect you.
  2. colors:
    who doesn't love colors!!
  3. fruits basket:
    A lovely Anime. The Whole cast is just loveable.<3
  4. japan:
    JAPAN!! Is the greatist place!!!! I wish I was there now!
  5. livejournal:
    I love my Livejournal. It's a trusted friend that I can decorat. ^^
  6. photography:
    I Love taking Pictures! *pulls out camra* Who is next *click*
  7. sailor moon live action:
    Rocks! hahaha! Well, the time old love of an anime Sailor moon came out with a reathing cool Live action. It does not really keep tomush with the origenal plot but is good by its self. ^^
    I think I will go watch some now!!
  8. swimming:
    Swimming is lot lots of fun! Everyone should go swimming!
  9. yuki:
    YUKI, YUKI, YUKI!!!! *though small peices of paper in the air*

    The Japanese word for snow! ^^
  10. 最終兵器彼女:
    umm... o.O??

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