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Oct. 12th, 2005

I can't seem to keep things together any more, not that I ever really did it just seemed that way. All the walls are closing in and there are no way out. I think I find a crack and it ends up being an even smaller room. I hurt and there is nothing to do to ease it. I cry and all I can do is wipe them away. What is left of my heart is being chipped away. Why must I be so different?
As the age pass my leave slowly fall off until just a few special remands.
As each day passes the stem to my leaves loosen.
As they change to there bright, wonderful colors of autumn.
My thoughs of what is to come; I hide.
Not wanting to get in the way, but weep at the day that the autumn winds will blow them free from me.
I can already see the stems shacking free.
I will never be like the leaves.


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