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No more Ballet with wired music! >.

Stolen from So~ many LJ users.
Google your name + the word "needs". Post the results (at least the interesting ones, that is).

Emmaly needs to be fixed.
Emmaly needs to print 18 copies.
Emmaly needs help with ...
Emmaly needs to represent Europower.
Emmaly needs and supports the Fraser mission... PHOTO WAYNE MARTIN.
Emmaly needs a pat on the shoulder.
Emmaly needs to improve the consistancy and difficulty of the jumps. ...
Emmaly needs....oh...watch me as I fall.
Emmaly needs 10 weeks.
Emmaly needs to use the back arrow as much and reload.
Emmaly needs invisible fencing.

Umm... I in shock that there where 13 papes with my name on it.
Don't they Know that it is my name and they can't have it!!!
Who is Wayne martin... o.O'''


Painting toes